Mere Countrywoman

A questionable diary of the 2020 pandemic

Day Twelve, March ?, 2020

Health: What the hellish day is it, for reals? Well. Even when you are expecting it, even when you feel in your weary bones that it’s the Right Thing, even when the next day will not actually be an entirely different shade of puce than this day, hearing that your state is Even More OfficiallyContinue reading “Day Twelve, March ?, 2020”

Day Eleven, March 26, 2020

Health: Are knees supposed to crackled with the chorus of a thousand tree frogs? Yesterday, Father invented a new game of tag he immediately dubbed Corona Cooties. “You know this is going to be all the rage at school,” he said. “Dear one, school is a thing of the past,” we pointed out. Because thisContinue reading “Day Eleven, March 26, 2020”

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